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On Square Wedding Invitations

February 18th, 2009 by Colin Jensen

One thing I like to do at restaurants is ask the waitress which items everyone loves, but no one gets.  It’s an odd question, but everyone who works in any branch of customer service can answer it.  For invitations, it’s square wedding invitations.  As each bride works her way down to a top 10 list before picking an invitation, without fail one of those 10 is square.  Most of the time it makes it into her top 5; and a good percentage of the time it makes it to #2; but never does any bride order them.  Why?  Everyone loves them, so why doesn’t anyone ever order them?  The answer is simple: by the time a bride makes it to my door she’s already feeling a lot of buyer’s remorse from the amount of money she’s spend so far on her wedding (jewelry, photography, cake, etc.)  Often she’s already told herself, walking in, that she won’t spend a dime more than is absolutely necessary (and I understand that.)  When confronted with her top 2 choices–both of which she loves–she’s going to panic when she finds out one costs $0.11 more in stamps.  Yes, eleven cents–I know it’s no big deal, but no one ever gets over it.  I try to explain that they’ll get more than that 11 cents back in gifts if they crank it up a notch, but it never works…  So if you’re reading this, and considering square wedding invitations, do it!

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